Kumaru Decking Technical Specs

Deck Surface

Kumaru provides a tough, long-lasting deck surface that resists mold and decay without chemicals. A Kumaru deck is milled slowly so the finished look is smooth to the touch.

Grain & Appearance

The grain of Kumaru provides a beautiful deck that sets it apart from fake looking "man-made" decking options. The beauty and richness of the colors are all natural. There are no chemicals or preservatives added to our Kumaru Decking.

Dense, Durable Decking

Kumaru decks have an average lifespan of over 50 years because of the wood's intense density. The natural qualities in every board come together to create a deck that requires very minimal maintenance.

Pregrooved Decking

Pregrooved decking allows your deck surface to maintain its natural blemish free beauty during and after installation.

Description Color varies from a golden tan to a reddish brown with some dark grain accents through out the wood.
Country of Origin South America (Brazil)
Mechanical Properties Kumaru has a bending strength of 14,793 psi.
Janka Hardness 3540
Working Properties Difficult to saw and bore. Where severely interlocked grain is not present, the wood planes to a smooth surface. Because of its high density and oily nature, the wood glues poorly. It nails and screws well; pre-boring is necessary.
Durability Kumaru is very durable. The heartwood has shown to be very durable in resistance to both brown-rot and white rot fungi. The wood has excellent weathering characteristics.
Seasoning Kumaru is rated as easy to air-season with a slight tendency to check and with moderate warping; drying was uniformly rapid.
Uses Outdoor Decking, flooring, cogs and shafts, heavy construction, barge and dock fenders, railroad crossties, pulp mill equipment, tool handles, bearings, turnery. A substitute for lignum vitae.