What is Kumaru Decking™?

Kumaru Decking
A Kumaru deck creates the foundation for elegant outdoor living.

Strong. Affordable. Beautiful. That’s what homeowners and builders across the United States are saying about our exclusive line of Kumaru Decking™. Compare Kumaru Decking to other wood decking options and discover why it is superior choice for your home.


Kumaru Decking™ has a hardness rating of 3540, making it one of the most durable woods available. In fact, our Kumaru Decking™ is over 3 times harder than Burmese Teak (Janka hardness of just 1050)!


Starting as low as $1.71 per lineal foot, our Kumaru Decking™ prices are unbeatable. Compared to more expensive hardwoods like Ipe and Teak, your entire project can cost thousands less when you choose Kumaru Decking™. So, whether you’re looking for decking for your boat, siding for your home, or material for your dock, Kumaru Decking™ is a cost-effective material that will fit your project’s budget.


As you can see from the picture above, Kumaru Decking™ features a pleasing grain pattern and varied color pallet of golden honey to warm reddish browns. This vivid display of color makes our Kumaru Decking™ stand out from plastic looking alternatives and softer woods that require frequent staining. See more pictures of Kumaru Decking